Big THANKS to the folks at Lake Point Tower for partnering with us on this project

The interior design is child friendly with attention paid to every detail, making us grateful to have our images featured on its walls

Lurie Children's Hospital is ranked # 1  regionally in all pediatric specialities

Team With Us

An image of the Blue Angels, a skyline landscape, and aerobatic maneuvers  were selected for the wall by the Creative Arts Program

Five years ago I was determined to capture the best photographs possible of the Chicago Air Show. Online research showed Lake Point Tower right at the base of Navy Pier might be the ideal position from which to shoot. I contacted the management association at this iconic landmark and we decided to work together to benefit a nonprofit of their choice. They selected Lurie Children's Hospital which is under a mile from Lake Point Tower and Navy Pier. The images you see below were captured in 2014 and placed on the walls of the hospital the following year.

However it was not until September 2017 that I visited Lurie Children's Hospital to view the four air show images the hospital selected. Lake Point Tower allowed me to shoot from the roof of the seventy floor residence with no obstructions and a 360 degree view of the city.

I was delighted to find our donation of 20x30 inch float mount prints located in the hall across from the Medical Imaging Center. The Imaging Center's interior is already decorated with graphics of the old Navy Pier Ferris Wheel. I was told, that as parents wait outside the Imaging Center the Air Show photographs often provide a respite,  a welcomed distraction from their children's pain. It is rewarding to see our mission thought small can be extremely beneficial in places like a children's hospital.

A huge upside I would like to point out about these float mounted plaque prints is that they not only provide a beautiful edge to edge big print surface, but that surface can be washed with soap and water or another anti-bacterial product without color deterioration.

If there are other groups like the folks at Lake Point Tower please contact Pictures For Vets so we could also work together. 

Ted Swoboda, director and photographer for Pictures For Vets which evolved out of Big Shots For Kids, gives a thumbs-ups to the quality and placement of the prints