Our Current Fund Raiser

The Grand Rapids veterans facility was built on 90 wooded acres by the Grand River in 1885 in the aftermath of the civil war. This new state of the art facility now brings 21st century care to our War Heroes. Unlike the old dorm style facility where rooms were sometimes shared, the new 128 room facility is all on one ground level. Each person will have their own bathroom and the ability go in and out of doors. The new building will be divided into four "neighborhoods" of 32 rooms, each neighborhood split into households of 16. This fosters a communal relationships and home-like groups that were experienced earlier in lives of our revered soldiers. 

This new living facility serves as recognition to those who have sacrificed so much for our nation, that we do in fact appreciate their valor and care that they live their lives comfortably. Eight years ago we at PicturesForVets.org identified the important effect that inspiring artwork has in ones living environment. Quality art actually provides a Healing Effect where ever it is displayed. This has been proven unequivocally for decades.

Our Veterans have  lost an extraordinary number of their war comrades because of Covid and will welcome the updated living arrangements. Providing Healing Artwork will help them recover.  With your financial help we can provide new artwork for the new Grand Rapids facility, and hopefully begin to furnish the other new Veterans Home in Chesterfield Township outside of Detroit as well.

It is important to note the Grand Rapids Veterans Home received a perfect score from the Department of Veterans Affairs recently.