Our newest projects have been to provide large digital wrap prints for the walls of the West Palm Beach Veterans Facility and the privately funded Vets Returning Home in Roseville, Michigan

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I was delighted to be able to add these 16x24 prints to make a total of ten new images for the walls of the West Palm Beach Veterans Facility. The first print "Aquarius" the 301 foot Feadship just delivered to Steve Wynn of Las Vegas. The second print from The Concours DeElegance in Boca Raton. the last a beautiful yellow Auburn from the Gilmore Museum at Hickory Corners, Michigan. Now we need your donations to complete their needed photographs.

Newest Projects

Vets Returning Home in Roseville, Michigan

The West Palm Beach Veterans Facility is a beautiful building and campus at 7305 North Military Trail in West Palm Beach, Florida. I met with the dedicated staff in voluntary services there in January, and was very grateful in February that they accepted the six color digital wraps I offered as a donation from Pictures For Vets.

I was even more pleased after I met with the interior designer of the facility who was excited at the possibilities of placing many more pieces of "healing artwork" on their walls. Their current civilian artwork is limited to a series of wooded landscapes. So images of new, bright, vivid subject matter would genuinely enhance the living environment in their rooms. The healing effects of inspirational artwork has long been proven as a source of well-being, and pleasant memories. Below are Ted Swoboda and Voluntary Service Specialist Tony Lopez displaying three of the additional new prints 

Below is the "wish list" of images you can help purchase for the WPB V.A.

Prints recently placed on the WPB V. A. walls

Tony Lopez, Voluntary Service Specialist

Vets Returning Home was established in 2013 by founder Sandy Bowers, a successful business person, who took it upon herself to address the needs of homeless and hungry  veterans by creating a 501 (C)  3 non-profit project. She purchased a building in Roseville, Michigan, providing a twenty-four-seven “open door” policy for veterans who need food and shelter.  Both men and women are given a medical and mental evaluation within a few days of arrival, provided three meals a day, clothes, and counseling to assist them in securing employment.

Discharged veterans often fall down in their lives because of a lack of support and structure.  Vets Returning Home rebuilds self confidence in our war heroes, and strives to make them productive members of society.  Alcohol and drug abuse counseling is an integral part of daily live; Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are conducted on-site.

Sandy Bowers’ facility helps about 250 veterans a year, serving up to fifty people at any given time.  She has a heart felt understanding of the problems that confront returning veterans, and is capable of providing the “tough love” often needed in reshaping stressed lives.

The big prints PicturesForVets.Org has placed in the lounge and conference room is just the start of this project. It is our intention to allow occupants of VetsReturningHome to select personal images for their walls as has been done at the Veterans Facility in Battle Creek, Michigan.

To accomplish this goal We Need Money From YOU! Please donate HERE on this page before you click away. 

See what great work Sandy is doing in Detroit visit